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We are a leading European consultancy specialising in Public Affairs

As a Public Affairs Partner, we help our clients navigate political systems. We ensure that our clients understand the impact of policy and politics on their organisations and work with them to strategically reach their goals.

We provide our clients with a keen understanding of the political debate and governmental processes, as well as the decision-makers that drive it. Our expertise and insight allow us to see the connections between markets, how trends and regulatory decisions are exported and how public opinion changes and spills over into other markets in today’s connected world.

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We understand the market and the decision-makers who regulate it, across Europe, nationally and locally.

In an increasingly globalised and digitalised world, public affairs is more important than ever. Being able to predict new areas prone to regulation, to anticipate what governments and policy-makers will do, and being able to use this understanding to act strategically are integral parts of business intelligence today.

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Rud Pedersen Group

Rud Pedersen Public Affairs is part of the Rud Pedersen Group, a growing public affairs and strategic communications consultancy which also includes King Street, RP People, Welcom, Vilands Associates and Fabula.

Since 2002, we have provided high-quality solutions and creativity to our clients’ business challenges, needs and goals across Europe. We have offices in Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Helsinki, London, Oslo, Riga, Stockholm, Tallinn, Vilnius and Warsaw. In addition, we have specialised partners in key capitals across the European Union.

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