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Comprehensive Seminar on Trade with China

Former EU-Commissioner, Cecilia Malmström, spoke yesterday in front of a full house at the seminar: ”EU, China and Global Trends”, arranged by West Sweden Chamber of Commerce and Rud Pedersen Public Affairs.

10.000 Swedish companies trade with the Peoples Republic of China and 600 are established in the country. Goods export to China equals 4,5% of total Swedish export. Goods import from China equals 5,5% of total import. (2017). Chinese FDI to Sweden sums up to about SEK 60 billion since 2007.

Sweden is dependent on China as a market and as an investor, but the political relationship between the two countries has changed dramatically over time. Recently, there has been a clear strain in the relationship. China’s economic strength has transferred into political influence and power.

The seminar addressed how companies may be affected by this changing relationship and how they can mitigate possible risks.

In addition to Cecilia Malmström, speakers included Economist Christer Ljungwall, PHD, who discussed economic growth and political power in next generation’s China. Furthermore, the chairman of Parliament’s Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs, Kenneth G. Forslund and Vice Chairman, Hans Wallmark, talked about politics, trade and acquisitions.

Sten Tolgfors, partner in Rud Pedersen Public Affairs and Former Minister of Trade moderated the event.

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