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Rud Pedersen Public Affairs strengthens its healthcare team with Hannu Juvonen

Rud Pedersen Public Affairs has strengthened its expertise in the social and healthcare sector by welcoming Hannu Juvonen to join its group of senior advisors. The former CEO of Tavastia Proper Hospital District will start as a Senior Advisor at Rud Pedersen in August.

Mr. Juvonen has a strong professional background in the healthcare sector. Prior to his tenure at Tavastia Proper Hospital District, he served in various leadership positions, including in the City of Helsinki’s Social Services and Healthcare Division and in East Savo Hospital District. He worked for the pharmaceutical company Pfizer as Head of Public Affairs and Communication. Hannu also brings significant corporate know-how from his prior experience as Investment Manager for Korona Invest Oy. Additionally, he has held various board memberships in companies and organisations in the social and healthcare sector.

Hannu Juvonen will be involved in managing and developing Rud Pedersen Public Affairs’ healthcare customers. He will also provide extensive knowledge in issues related to public administration, which will be invaluable to Rud Pedersen’s public policy efforts.

“To solve future challenges in the social and healthcare sector requires dialogue across-the-board between various stakeholders. Rud Pedersen’s thorough and vast expertise in public affairs is extremely valuable for customers who aim to take part in the implementation of necessary changes in the social and healthcare sector,” said Mr. Juvonen.

“I am extremely happy that we have Hannu Juvonen onboard. Our already strong healthcare team becomes even more experienced, and now we are also able to provide high-level expertise in public sector leadership,” states Managing Director of Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Finland, Esa Suominen.