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RP Perspective: Elin Sivard

“At King Street and Rud Pedersen, we work with an integrated approach across markets in Europe and across multiple disciplines of communication and public affairs.”

Brand positioning is important in occupying the mind of the customer and when done effectively it enables your clients and customers to interact and connect with your brand and form a relationship with your business.

Elin Sivard, Communications Manager at King Street Sweden, gives her insight into the importance of brand positioning and how to achieve success through an integrated approach to your communications and public affairs strategy.

What makes a brand position work over time?

“Brand positioning has to do with a company’s or organisation’s strategic work to stay relevant, and top of mind of its target groups which often consists of an ecosystem of different stakeholders, clients, investors, media and decision-makers – as well as employees, which is believe it or not is sometimes a forgotten audience. It’s the way communications can and should support your sales, talent acquisition, and the important questions and door openers that can help with market access.

It illustrates how and why your company is different from your competition, and the different values that your product and solutions bring to the market.

It’s important not to treat your brand position as something set, or static – because no market is static - and in the end, the brand is created in the minds of your audience, and that is what you should work to influence – therefore, we speak about creating and maintaining relationships with your audience.  So, one of the key aspects of an effective positioning should be that it is informed by trends, market research and what is happening outside of the company – in the minds of your audience. “

How do you achieve this?

“Firstly, you must decide on your story and how to tell it, and the bigger purpose behind your business and what you want to achieve for your audiences and even society as a whole. Then, you decide on the channels and how to reach that audience. It’s continuous work that needs to be updated and evaluated over time. It’s nothing you do once and then you’re done with it. At King Street and Rud Pedersen, we work with an integrated approach to this, across markets in Europe and across multiple disciplines of communication and public affairs. The common denominator is that we can offer a way for companies to build this brand position over time, through forming relationships directly with the audience or through media and political stakeholders and decision makers. “

Elin Sivard

Elin Sivard has a mixed PR and communications background, working with big consumer brands, innovative start-ups and disruptive IT enterprises across a variety of fields. Elin has experience from both a client and agency perspective, managing cross-European communications efforts both within B2B and B2C.

At King Street, Elin is responsible for the tech offering, and her daily work includes account and project management - developing long-term and sustainable strategies for brand positioning, media relations, influencer engagement, digital communications and more.

Elin has a degree in Strategic Communication, with additional studies in Linguistics, Social Anthropology, and Information Design.