The Rud Pedersen Group establishes a strong, coherent group brand

The companies under the Rud Pedersen Group consultancy-umbrella, which include Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, King Street PR, Welcom and RP People, have experienced remarkable growth in turnover and geographical spread in recent years. In response to this growth, the consultancy has launched a strong group brand under the name the Rud Pedersen Group.

The coherent new branding and corporate visual identity allow the Group to further establish itself as a full-service strategic communication consultancy committed to meeting client demands for strong, international and integrated consultancy services.

“Clients are increasingly asking for integrated solutions,” says CEO Morten Rud Pedersen. “To better serve them, we are creating a one-stop-shop where, through the Group, clients get access to our different specialised experts and brands. In this way, we can offer inter-disciplinary teams that handle complex projects across borders.”

The change is happening as part of a long-term strategy. It is the Group’s vision to become a leading European strategic communications consultancy. The companies within the Rud Pedersen Group are already Nordic market leaders, and the Group is expanding in markets such as Brussels and Eastern Europe.

“At the Rud Pedersen Group, we believe that every client with a message deserves to be heard. We offer a unique and valuable perspective on our clients’ business by delivering with the collective intelligence of our group. We strongly believe intelligent and engaging communication gives companies and organisations the strength they need for the future,” says Morten Rud Pedersen.

New ownership structure and a strong Group-function

To increase its activities and efforts at a group level, the Rud Pedersen Group has changed its ownership structure so that more than 40 local partners have become shareholders in the Group. Additionally, Jonatan Tylsgaard Larsen joined the company as Group Affairs Director a year ago.

“The unity within the Rud Pedersen Group is one of our core qualities”, says Jonatan Tylsgaard Larsen. “We deliver with the collective intelligence of our group. The Group is now showing this through its new brand identity. Most importantly, though, we spend the needed time ensuring that we always combine our knowledge and expertise across markets and professions when we deliver to our clients.”

The Rud Pedersen Group was founded in 2003 by CEO Morten Rud Pedersen. It employs more than 200 consultants in four sub-brands: Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, King Street, Welcom and RP People. The Group has offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Brussels.

Visit the Rud Pedersen Group website to learn more.


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