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Rud Pedersen Sweden strengthens its senior team with two new partners

Mattias Zackrisson and Nisha Besara, both based in the Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Stockholm office, are now partners in the company.

Nisha Besara is Chief Operating Officer and Senior Consultant in Rud Pedersen's Stockholm office.

Prior to joining Rud Pedersen Stockholm, Nisha managed the famous Unga Klara theatre and is a well-known columnist in Expressen, a nationwide evening newspaper in Sweden. Nisha has previously been Head of the Postcode Lottery's Cultural Foundation, a Political Editor at Aftonbladet (a nationwide Swedish evening newspaper), Editor in Chief of Dagens Arena (online journal) and a Political Advisor at the Ministry of Justice. Nisha studied Political Science at Södertörn University.

Mattias Zackrisson is a Healthcare Director at Rud Pedersen’s Stockholm office.

Mattias leads the Swedish Healthcare team. Prior to joining Rud Pedersen, Mattias worked for 10 years as a Political Advisor and Political Expert, both in the Swedish Parliament as well as for the Moderate Party in the Regional Executive Board in Region Västra Götaland. During this time, he focused mainly on issues regarding taxation, social insurance and healthcare. In the various positions held, he was part of high-level negotiations regarding various critical political issues, such as implementations of care choice systems and budget processes.

Mattias has in-depth knowledge and vast experience in providing Rud Pedersen’s clients with strategic advice and support in handling complex market challenges within the politically controlled healthcare environment in Sweden. He has extensive networks within both the political system and among senior civil servants.