Rud Pedersen Conference Nov 2019

Rud Pedersen Group appoints three members to its Board of Directors

On November 21-22, Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Company AB (Rud Pedersen Group) held a general assembly in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company’s shareholders convened for a two-day conference to discuss the state and future of the consultancy.

During the General Assembly, the Rud Pedersen Group’s shareholders elected a new Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of three newly elected members: Morten Rud Pedersen, Monica Reib, and Anders Borg.

Morten Rud Pedersen is the Founder, President & CEO of the Rud Pedersen Group. He founded the company in 2002 in Gothenburg, Sweden. “I am always glad to see the energy of our Group and the dedication of its shareholders,” Morten Rud Pedersen said regarding the General Assembly. “Two very competent people, Monica Reib and Anders Borg, have joined our Board of Directors. This is an important step in the journey of the company, and one which I expect to be greatly beneficial as we move forward.”

Monica Reib, former partner in the large Danish law firm Bech-Bruun, is currently engaged as board member in a number of companies. She is specialised in Mergers and Acquisitions. “I am very happy to join the Rud Pedersen Group’s Board of Directors and I look forward to exploring the potential of the company together with its shareholders,” stated Monica Reib. “The company has a strong profile in the market and an impressive track record with great opportunity for growth. I am certain that my experience in Mergers and Acquisitions will be of value to the company as it continues to grow.”

Anders Borg is a former Swedish Finance Minister and experienced board member. He has been working as a Senior Advisor in Rud Pedersen Public Affairs’ Stockholm office since the spring of this year. “I could not be more pleased to join the Rud Pedersen Group’s newly formed Board of Directors,” added Anders Borg. “In a world with increasing volatility and risk, a company like the Rud Pedersen Group has a strong role to play in helping companies navigate. I look forward to working with Morten Rud Pedersen and Monica Reib to develop the Group’s long-term vision."

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