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Rud Pedersen Group opens up in Latvia through partnership with Vilands Associates

Rud Pedersen Group, one of Europe’s fastest-growing public affairs and strategic communications agencies partners up with Vilands Associates(comprised of twin companies VA Communications and VA Government), the leading communications and public affairs agency in Latvia. With Vilands Associates joining the Rud Pedersen Group, the Group will become a market leader in the Baltic Region and will now be present in 11 countries throughout Europe.

Twin companies VA Communications and VA Government, who are both leaders in the Latvian market, have joined the Rud Pedersen Group. The two companies have 25 employees in Riga offering advice and consultancy to clients within strategic communications, marketing, crisis communications and public affairs. Rud Pedersen Group CEO and President Morten Rud Pedersen says: “With our strong Nordic heritage, the expansion to the Baltic was logical and we are now happy to be in all three Baltic countries. Our clients are looking for integrated solutions, and I am very pleased that we can now provide the best offering in the region. VA Communications and VA Government are companies built by entrepreneurs who wanted to challenge the market, just like we do in the Rud Pedersen Group.”Earlier this year, the Rud Pedersen Group announced its new office in Warsaw, an important hub related to the Baltic countries. "We immediately found common ground with the Rud Pedersen Group. We share a similar internal culture and vision of the future growth of the company –based on knowledge development. The role of players on the regional level is growing rapidly, increasing the need for companies like the Rud Pedersen Group in the international professional services market. Therefore, we have chosen to go further together and build a powerful alliance that brings even more added value to our team and our clients," says Ralfs Vīlands, Partner at VA Communications and VA Government. VA Communications and VA Government have already worked with Rud Pedersen Group on shared projects. With the partnership, Rud Pedersen Group becomes minority owner of VA Communications and VA Government and the companies will officially and publicly be part of the Rud Pedersen Group.

About Rud Pedersen Group

Rud Pedersen Group is one of Europe’s largest Public Affairs, PR and communications agencies with over 350 employees in 10 countries: it includes the companies Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, King Street Communications, Welcom, RP People and Fabula (Lithuania). Since 2002, the Rud Pedersen Group has offered qualitysolutions and creativity to customers’ business challenges, needs, and goals in Europe. Currently, the Rud Pedersen Group works with more than 500 companies and organizations. In addition to its own 11 offices, the group also works closely with specialized partners in all major capitals across Europe.

VA Communications is a strategic communications company specializing in building corporate reputation, marketing communications, crisis communications and other disciplines. VA Communications is an opinion leader driving the development of the communication industry in Latvia. The company was founded in 2013 by Ralfs Vīlands, later joined by partners Laima Auza, Elīna Egle, Līga Rutkovska-Pavļukeviča and Vladlens Kovaļevs.

VA Government is the leading public affairs agency in Latvia providing government relations, advocacy campaign management and policy analysis services. VA Government represents its clients in their engagement with legislators, policymakers, and regulators - as well as with the general public. The company was founded in 2017 by Vladlens Kovaļevs and Ralfs Vīlands.

The two companies together form the largest communications and public affairs group in Latvia. Both companies jointly develop a sustainability consulting practice VA Purpose.