Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Norway hires Petter Eide

Petter Eide has changed fields. Now he will give advice to Norwegian top leaders who want to navigate and understand the new political landscape, where the Socialist Left Party daily puts pressure on the Norwegian government.

 Petter is known for being a parliamentary representative for The Socialist Left Party. In addition to his political expertise, he has extensive management experience as Secretary General of Amnesty Norway, Care Norway and Norwegian People's Aid, and is used to dealing with complex issues. Eide now becomes a senior consultant in Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, part of the Rud Pedersen Group with over 350 employees, with offices in ten countries.

"The political battles are taken frequently. With a new government and a new Parliament, we are experiencing great demand from companies that want to understand the new landscape and how to navigate it. Petter will add a heavy understanding of both Norwegian and international politics. He is fearless and gives clear advice", says Kristian Hvilen, Managing Partner in Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Norway.

The previous Parliament policy is already in place in his new everyday life as a consultant and adviser.

"I feel like part of the community in Rud Pedersen, and it feels right and good. The company is solid in government contact and strategic communication. I hope my experience is valuable for the team and will probably at the same time challenge my new colleagues in various areas", says Petter Eide.

Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Norway works primarily in sectors such as health, defence, transport, climate, and industry. They especially in the green industries, where Eide will use his political flair.


"I have faith in the team-oriented way of working that gives customers important knowledge and insight into a rapidly changing political landscape", Eide states.

Eide does not think it is problematic that he will now influence the national assembly, which he was a part of until recently.

"I think the transition is completely unproblematic. I'm not going to work on clients or projects I do not believe in. I think very few people would have done that", says Eide.

"Contact with the authorities is the core of everything we do. Petter is the right man, in the right place. The new year has started with a bang, where we are experiencing increased demand from customers who need advice related to positioning, strategy, media, and analysis", says Kristian Hvilen.


Rud Pedersen has around 30 employees in Norway.