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Stockholm Office hosts Swedish Healthcare Seminar

Last Wednesday evening, Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Sweden organised a healthcare seminar with a high-level panel and specially invited guests from politics, patient organisations, and various areas of the healthcare industry.

The seminar focused on the analysis and proposals from the new Government Enquiry on better governance for increased equality in Swedish healthcare. The part of the enquiry that has captured the most attention is on how a long-term sustainable system for “online” doctors could be created. The enquiry also includes proposals on steering, locum doctors and the care choice system in primary care.

During the seminar, Göran Stiernstedt, Senior Healthcare Advisor at our Stockholm office, presented the enquiry and its key proposals. Thereafter, a panel discussion took place between Dr. Stiernstedt, Inger Ros, Chair of the Swedish Heart and Lung Association, Camilla Waltersson Grönvall, MP and Group Leader for the Moderate Party in the Committee on Health & Welfare, and Kristina Nilsson, Social Democratic MP and Vice Chair of the same committee. Anders Åkesson, Senior Advisor in Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, moderated the discussion.

Rud Pedersen Public Affairs would like to thank everyone who attended the seminar. If you would like to be invited to one of our future healthcare-related seminars in Stockholm, please reach out to Mattias Zackrisson, Partner and Healthcare Director in our Stockholm office.

The full enquiry can be read (in Swedish) here.