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Super Tuesday Seminar with American Chamer of Commerce Sweden

Rud Pedersen Public Affairs had the pleasure of hosting the American Chamber of Commerce’s seminar last Wednesday on the Super Tuesday primary election results and the upcoming US presidential election.

Janerik Larsson, Consultant and Senior Advisor at Prime PR and Karin Henriksson, Author and Journalist and Former U.S. Correspondent for Svenska Dagbladet, participated via Skype from the US.

Additional experts provided insight, analysed the results, talked about the political differences between the candidates and reflected on the importance of the US presidential election to Sweden. These included Sten Tolgfors, Former Swedish Minister of Defense, Former Swedish Minister of Trade, and Senior Advisor at Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, as well as Merrick Tabor, Professor at Stockholm University, and Bruce Acker, Former U.S. Defense Attaché to Sweden.

The seminar was moderated by Elizabeth Walentin, CEO at Crimson Clarke PR and Director of the Forum for Global Business at the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation.

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