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Pål Arne Davidsen

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Pål Arne comes to Rud Pedersen from the position of Senior Advisor in the Section for Private Sector Development, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). In Norad, Pål Arne dealt with business development in emerging markets, being responsible for areas such as renewable energy, oil and gas and ICT. Among other things, he chaired a high-level OECD-process, which saw, as the outcome, a common document for shared value creation in the extractive sector.

Before joining Norad, Pål Arne held various positions as a political advisor on foreign policy, energy and environment for the Progress Party in the Norwegian Parliament. He has also served as State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he was responsible for economic diplomacy and Norway’s bilateral relations with countries in Asia and Latin America. Pål Arne has worked as a fellow in the United States Congress. Previously, he was a visiting scholar at the Center for Security and International Studies (CSIS) and at the Elliot School of International Affairs at the George Washington University in Washington DC.

Pål Arne holds an MA in Comparative Politics from the University of Bergen and from the University of Cape Town.

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