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Sofia Leinonen

  • Junior Consultant
  • Helsinki

Sofia has a view on entrepreneurship and innovation. She chairs the Helsinki Think Company Association, an entrepreneurship society at the University of Helsinki. Her political background is in the National Coalition Party as an active member of the student union. In addition, Sofia has gained communication experience from the Finnish Ministry of Finance. Sofia finished her Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Communication in January 2021. In her thesis, she compared the energy security strategies of the EU and Russia. Energy and climate policies are at the core of her areas of interest, as well as Russian politics. She is currently pursuing a Master's degree at the University of Helsinki.

Email -
Telephone - +358 404195993

  • 2021: Head of Policy, Student Union of National Coalition Party in Helsinki

  • 2021: Chair, Helsinki Think Company Association

  • 2020-2020: Communication Trainee, Finnish Ministry of Finance

  • 2021: Bachelor’s in Politics and Communication, University of Helsinki, Finland